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The Association has produced the following resource which  is published and available now:

Power, Accountability & Rights:

WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 3 & 4

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Publication - Sold out

(Digital version still available)

Democracy and Justice:

WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 1 & 2

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2019 Examination Good Answers Guide:

WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 3 & 4

Available for purchase now.

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2017 Examination Good Answers Guide: 

WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 3 & 4

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the benefits of using the PLEAWA resources for my students?

    • Students will have access to resources that are written specifically to the syllabus, by experienced and knowledgeable teachers of the course. They are written with the needs of teachers and students in mind. Recent and contemporary examples are used wherever possible. Activities have been written to consolidate understanding of the chapters, syllabus points and reflect the structure and nature of questions from the external examination. Practice using these formats will help students prepare for the WACE examination as well as facilitate discussion in the classroom.

    • Funds raised from the sales of these resources will support the aims of PLEAWA, a non-profit association, whose purpose includes the promotion and support for the teaching and learning of Politics and Law as well as Civics and Citizenship in the WA curriculum now and in the future. PLEAWA may also be able to use proceeds for Professional Learning of staff and other activities that meet our aims and objectives. Your purchase helps support our work to help you and the students!

  • Are  the resources available electronically?

    • We will ensure all textbooks are available in an electronic PDF version for purchase. Digital resources have a separate ISBN13 compared to their printed equals and you will find this information on the separate publications pages for each resource. These are only available through Campion Education.

  • How much are the resources?

    • Please see the publications information for each resource.

      Our goal is it that the price point is as accessible and affordable to both teachers and students as is possible. As a non-profit we are only seeking to recover costs and use additional revenue to support the goals of the association and where possible the publication of new and additional publications.

  • When will resources be available to order?

    • You may place booklist orders immediately with your schools distributor (see below).

    • PLEAWA is accepting orders at the above link now.

    • Delivery within the Perth metropolitan area (to non-PO Boxes) by next-day courier service; all other Australian and international deliveries are made via Australia Post . 

  • I have to update my booklist for 2019; what do I need?

    • If you list the title and the ISBN13 this will enable your HOLA/school to list the text as the textbook for your course. Students will then be able to purchase this through regular suppliers and distributors at point of purchase.

  • Can I get an early release of planned publications?

    • We are committed to ensuring the quality, accuracy and usability of the resources we are producing. This requires time for our (full-time) teachers to complete and so, it is unlikely that it could be available before the advertised release dates. Please rest assured we are working our hardest and should earlier printing become possible, whilst maintaining quality, we will make the resources available as soon as practical.

  • As a supplier and distributor I would like to order large quantities of your resources. How may I place an order?

    • Distributors may contact the President, Mike Filer, for further information on