About our organisation

PLEAWA is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation that exists to foster the development of Politics and Law and Civics and Citizenship as a subject both for its students and teachers. It seeks to assist teachers in the preparation, resourcing and delivery of these curriculums as well as conduct professional learning in conjunction with other organisations and providers. We also aim to provide opportunities to extend the knowledge and skills of students by conducting seminars or workshops on topical issues or events. You may find more information on this website or @PLEAWA on Twitter.

The constitutional aims or objects of the Association are:

  • To promote teaching of, research in and the study of politics and law in Western Australia;
  • To provide an organisation through which teachers of politics, law, civics and citizenship and Humanities and Social Sciences may express opinions on education matters.
  • To provide a support network and professional learning, for teachers of ‘Politics and Law’ or civics and citizenship curriculums in Western Australia.
  • To promote an interest in politics and law and be an agent for the spread of political and legal knowledge

PLEAWA strives to provide the following services to our members:

  • Review and discussion of the Politics and Law WACE examination
  • Seminars and events with guest speakers on the Year 11 and Year 12 syllabus as well as contemporary events
  • Clarification and advice on the syllabus, assessment as well as teaching and learning activities
  • Resourcing for syllabus areas of need including the development of a Year 12 (Unit 3 & 4) textbook for publication in 2017.
  • Provision of assessment and marking guides at key times of the year
  • Annual General Meeting and dinner

Politics and Law

Politics and Law is an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) subject taught at over 70 schools in Western Australia at Year 11 and Year 12 level. Most students endeavour to use their study in Politics and Law to gain entry to Australian universities at the end of the secondary studies. Politics and Law is also offered as a General course, however our members predominantly focus on the delivery of the ATAR course.

Rationale of Politics and Law

Politics and law is a critical study of the processes of decision making concerning society’s collective future. The study of politics examines the structures and processes through which individuals and groups with different interests, beliefs and goals, deliberate and negotiate in order to make choices, respond to changing circumstances and enact laws. The study of law examines the system of laws governing the conduct of the people of a community, society or nation, in response to the need for regularity, consistency and justice based upon collective human experience.

A close relationship exists between politics and law. They relate through the judicial, executive and legislative arms of government; together they constitute how societies are governed. Laws generally embody social and political values that usually have a philosophical foundation.

The Politics and Law ATAR course aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the principles, structures, institutions, processes, and practices of political and legal systems, primarily in Australia and where appropriate, other systems and/or countries. The course challenges students to critically examine the effectiveness of political and legal systems using criteria, such as openness, responsiveness and accountability of those systems. The course provides for both a chronological and contemporary understanding of political and legal issues in society.
The skills and values developed in the Politics and Law ATAR course aim to allow students to become informed, active and effective participants in the political and legal decisions that affect their lives within society.
The study of the Politics and Law ATAR course contributes to students’ intellectual, social, and ethical development. The course aims to support all students in developing a sense of identity, and a sense of political, legal, cultural and social awareness.
The study of the Politics and Law ATAR course can be a valuable background to careers in law, political advocacy, public administration, international relations, foreign affairs, community development, teaching, journalism, human resource management, government and commerce. 
School Curriculum and Standards Authority

Civics and Citizenship

The subject of Civics and Citizenship is part of the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area in Western Australia. It is taught between Year 3 and Year 10 to all students from 2017. It focuses on the development of knowledge and skills related to the key concepts of democracy, democratic values, the Westminster system, justice, participation, rights and responsibilities. Further information can be attained from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.


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