Type and Benefits of Membership

PLEAWA will be delivering a range of relevant events and resources that will continue to support the skills, knowledge and practice of teaching ATAR Politics and Law,  as well as events to support Senior students in their study.

Membership of the Association provides the following benefits:

  • access to PLEAWA seminars, workshops and other professional development events
  • the opportunity to network with other PLEAWA members at the various events throughout the year.
  • access to PLEAWA student events including the Year 11 and 12 Revision Seminar and a wide range of Masterclasses and other special events throughout the year.
  • the option to purchase Year 11 and 12 Examinations for Semester 1 (Unit 1 & Unit 3) and Semester 2 (Units 1 & 2 and Units 3 &4)
  • teaching resources for Years 7 – 10 Civics and Citizenship and Year 11 and 12 ATAR Politics and Law
  • the option to purchase the 'Good Answer Guide' current and past.
  • access to members only section of the PLEAWA website which includes:
    • past  Year 11 & 12 Exam questions and answers
    • resources from past events, such as WACE revision seminars, revision  seminars, masterclass presentations and any other events that PLEAWA sponsor.

All membership subscriptions are valid until March 31st of the following year.

$130 AUD


Institutional membership is a cost effective means of having up to three members of your organisation supported by PLEAWA.  Please put those individual's full names and email addresses in the  of this order and theyappropriate section of this registration form and they will be added to our PLEAWA membership.

  • All teachers must be TRBWA registered.
  • Membership is non transferable should a registered teacher leave the school.

For further enquiries contact: secretary@pleawa.org.au

$65 AUD


Individual membership allows one individual to register s a member of PLEAWA.

  • The membership entitles only the one person to the benefits of the Association and does not extend to other teachers, students or the School library
  • Only 1 email address may be registered
  • Membership is fully transferable should the registered teacher leave the school

For further enquiries contact: secretary@pleawa.org.au

$0 AUD


Associate membership is available to pre-service teachers only. Associate members may attend all events that a member is entitled to, however, is not eligible to vote in general meetings or annual general meetings nor serve as officers or members on the Committee of Management.

  • Only 1 email address may be registered

  • Available to all teachers in training at a tertiary institution

For further enquiries contact: secretary@pleawa.org.au

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