Publication - Year 11 Politics and Law ATAR

Democracy and Justice:

WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 1 & 2

ISBN13: 978-0-9953547-4-6

Printed editions of the text are now sold out. Digital copies of the text are still available through Office Max or Campion.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of listing the PLEAWA textbook for my students?

Students will have access to a resource that is written specifically to the syllabus, by experienced and knowledgeable teachers of the course. The text has been written with the needs of teachers and students in mind. Recent and contemporary examples are used wherever possible. Activities have been written to consolidate understanding of the chapters, syllabus points and reflect the structure and nature of questions from the external examination. Practice using these formats will help students prepare for the WACE examination as well as facilitate discussion in the classroom.

What examples and depth studies do you use in the textbook for each part of the syllabus?

We have carefully considered the specific references and examples utilised in the text. We have reflected on responses to an earlier survey of the membership and current practice/example country's used by a majority of schools to guide our inclusions.

We aim to support current understandings, familiar to students and staff, as well as extend these to more recent and contemporary examples. The text also aims to introduce and scaffold relevant examples and information in preparation for WACE Politics and Law ATAR Units 3 & 4 (Year 12).

Further information on specific syllabus points will be released in Semester Two

Is the textbook available electronically?

Yes. An electronic PDF version will be available for purchase. This has a separate ISBN13 which is: ISBN 978-0-9953547-5-3 . This will be available through:

How much is the publication?

Our goal is it that the price point is as accessible and affordable to both teachers and students as is possible. As a non-profit we are only seeking to recover costs and use additional revenue to support the goals of the association and where possible the publication of new and additional publications.

The printed edition has RRP $60.00.

The digital edition has an RRP $40.00.

When will it be available to order?

You may place booklist orders immediately with your schools distributor (see below).

PLEAWA will soon begin accepting orders from PLEAWA members and staff. Delivery for these orders is estimated to occur from January 2019.

I have to update my booklist for 2019; what do I need?

You can list the resource now with your chosen distributor or retailer. Generally you can list the title and the ISBN13 to enable your HOLA/school to list the publication as the textbook for your course. Students will then be able to purchase this through regular suppliers and distributors at point of purchase.

Ordering through Campion Education:

Our text is listed with Campion Education and you should be able to place on book-lists with relative ease. Its PRINTED product code is P15965.
The DIGITAL version with Campion has a Product Code PCode E02191 and can only be ordered through their website.

Ordering through OfficeMax:

Our text is listed with OfficeMax and you should be able to place on book-lists with relative ease. It has a PRINTED product code of 2996636 .

The DIGITAL version with OfficeMax has a Product Code 6013228.

Other distributors and retailers

We accept orders from other distributors and retailers. If your school does not use Campion or OfficeMax please encourage them to contact us.

How similar is the Year 12 Politics and Law GENERAL Units 3 & 4 course to the Year 11 Politics and Law ATAR Units 1 & 2 course?

There is a vast similarity between the Year 11 ATAR course and the GENERAL course. The GENERAL course does include some specific sub-categories on some syllabus points which will broadly be covered within the text. Some contemporary issues may require further work on behalf of staff and students - but this will be minimal.

As a supplier and distributor I would like to order large quantities of the publication. How may I place an order?

Please contact the Treasurer on

Who is involved in the production of this publication?

Meet some of team producing the textbook:

Stephen King has been teaching Politics and Law for 14 years and has taught in the Humanities and Social Sciences for over 20 years.  He has considerable experience developing materials for Politics and Law and sharing them with teachers. He has been a member of  PLEAWA for many years, having served on the PLEAWA Executive before becoming the Association’s President in 2009-2010.
Stephen was the main author for Power, Accountability & Rights and He is passionate about politics and law education and believes that a politically literate and educated youth is the best way to ensure our political and legal systems adapt in a changing and challenging world.
He is an experienced teacher of Politics & Law, having taught the course for 14 years in secondary schools (Years 8-12) in Western Australia, namely in Bunbury and South Perth. 
He has sought opportunities to extend his expertise being actively involved in politics and law at a campus, local, state and national basis in the past.  In Australia through active involvement in the professional association and the United States through an internship on a successful senatorial campaign in Minnesota during the 2008 elections. He also works casually for the (Western) Australian Electoral Commission during and after election campaigns. Mike was the Executive Editor of Power, Accountability & Rights.
Since 2016 he has been the President of PLEAWA facilitating the achievement of its goals to promote and support the teaching of Politics & Law as well as Civics & Citizenship in schools from Years 3-12. He is enthusiastic to help all students and staff engage with and enjoy Politics & Law in their schools as well as beyond as active citizens.
Ali is an experienced teacher of Politics & Law, having taught the course for 17 years in secondary schools (Years 8-12) in Western Australia.  Ali has always been actively involved in the development and evolution of the Politics and Law course in Western Australia. She has been heavily involved with PLEAWA since 2005 where she has fulfilled the roles of President and Vice President. She has also been a member on the PAL Course Advisory Committee since 2012. She was the Substantive Editor of Power, Accountability & Rights and the 2017 Examination Good Answers Guide.
Ali is a vibrant teacher of Politics and Law, consistently engaging her students with opportunities to interact with politicians and to pursue their passions in either or both the political and legal scene.

Nicol Davis studied at the University of Western Australia where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Industrial Relations. After travelling she returned to complete a Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary).

Nicol is an experienced teacher of Politics & Law, having taught the course for 11 years in secondary schools (Years 8-12) in Western Australia in both metropolitan and rural schools. She fulfilled the same roles for the publication of Power, Accountability & Rights and was the Executive Editor of the 2017 Examination Good Answers Guide

Nicol believes strongly in the importance of  providing students with the knowledge and tools to be active and informed decision makers so that they can make a valuable contribution to the health of Australia’s democracy.